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Macula Degeneration


Diabetic Retinopathy

Foreign Body Removal

Red/Sore Eyes

Eye Exams

The full eye exam includes:

Refraction: check your prescription, and how your eye muscles co-ordinate

Ophthalmoscopy: viewing your retina for eye disease/conditions.  We have a Canon fundus camera which takes detailed photos of the posterior pole of the eye.

Slit lamp biomicroscopy: inspection of the front of the eye for disease and degeneration

Tonometry: we use a puff tonometer to painlessly check the intra-ocular pressure

Most exams are bulk-billed through Medicare where possible, notable exceptions are some contact lens fittings, employer ordered examinations, and people not in Medicare. This means for most exams we direct bill Medicare and there is no gap payable by you. Medicare covers the cost for your full test every three years for under 65 year olds, and yearly once over 65, unless clinical signs are present that warrant earlier investigations. In between these tests we are pleased to check your prescription to ensure your best vision through new glasses.

We also have a visual field analyzer which assists in diagnosing glaucoma and an auto-refractor which helps us to accurately determine your prescription. 

Nigel is therapeutically qualified and can prescribe eye medications such as anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories for eye conditions. Many of these scripts are under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). He can also provide dilated fundus examinations for diabetic retinopathy screenings.

Contact lens wearers need yearly assessment to ensure their eyes remain healthy.


Opthamology Referrals

Nigel can refer you to an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon/specialist) where appropriate. With repeat referrals, Nigel does need to see you every so often to write these. Indefinite referrals can be written for chronic conditions such as glaucoma.

Frame Repairs & Spare Parts

We can do minor repairs such as replacing nose pads, screws, temple tips in store. We can organise more complicated repairs like solders or concealed joints but need to send these away. We use Frame Care, who are based in Queensland for our titanium solders, frame repaints, and trickier repairs.

Frame Adjustments

New frames are adjusted on collection of new glasses, but we are always happy and capable to adjust frames if they are uncomfortable, slipping, or have been bumped. Call in any time for this.


We offer a two year warranty on frames costing over $100, and one year on those under. Some of our frame brands have special warranties such as Superflex have a lifetime warranty on their spring hinges, and Flexon and Nike offer a two year unconditional warranty on their frames- meaning regardless of how they are damaged they will repair or replace.

We offer a 3 month adaptation period with our progressive lenses where we can either change progressive lens types or change measurements at no charge to you. Worse comes to worse we can swap you back in this period to single vision or bifocal lenses.

Our anti-reflection coatings come with a two year warranty on crazing/delaminating, with the top of the line Diamond coat from HOYA offering a three year warranty.

Reusing your own frame

We do not charge you to re-use your own frame unlike many of our competitors. Please be mindful that frames do not last forever, and we use the frame at your own risk.

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